bali maja - villa in bali

The lush tropical garden designed by Anto Landscaping surrounds the villa on three sides. More than 50 varieties of orchids peak from the rich colorful floral of ixora, cannalilies, hibiscus, russelia and gardenia. Stands of heliconia, ginger and banana make great cutting for the villas large flower arrangements.

Calathea aracea, caladium and large variety of dracaena and begonias add color and texture to the undergrowth. Massive two meter elephant ear leaves from beautiful backdrops for the philodendrons and dieffenbachia. Flowering vines and bougainvillea climb the walls and trellis white frangipani add distinctly Balinese character to the garden adorned with statues of varying sizes. Dadap trees give shade and add color with their crimson blooms. An interesting variety of palms tower overhead russeling as they sway in the tropical breeze. The gurgle of the fountains mix blissfully with coo and twitter of the gardens many bird varieties.

The new Koi pond of the ground floor master sparkles with orange as the fish dart about the pool amid the variety of colorful water lilies in the dapple of morning sun. The inviting lounge for two makes this an irresistible corner of the property to laze, read or have that well deserved nap.